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On Good Friday 2004, an unthinkable accident forced Brett and Jodi to make a decision no parent should ever face.  When Brett decided to mow the lawn that afternoon, he had no idea it would change their lives forever.

In this true, gripping story, Jodi takes you back to the day when their three-year old son was accidentally backed over by a riding lawnmower.  She shares intimate details about overcoming grief, the unbelievable guilt of a father, and how she and Brett fought to hold their marriage together. Ultimately, young Jake’s will is unrelenting, when faced with a decision beyond his comprehension.

This story is filled with hope, sadness, laughter, pain and countless sleepless nights, as Jodi, Brett and Jake desperately try to find healing for their family.  In the dark of night, Jake asks his mother to “make it morning,” so that they can begin anew. You will be inspired by their steadfast approach to managing their struggles. And their realization, that life does not always take the path you had hoped, but if you embrace the unexpected turns, you may land somewhere more beautiful than you ever dreamed.

The Bainter’s inspirational story has been featured in ESPN “Outside the Lines”, the Hero Story from People Magazine, StoryCorps interview for NPR and more.

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About Jodi Bainter

Jodi started sharing her family’s story through speaking engagements in 2006. In 2011, she founded the A3 Foundation, Amputees Active Again a nonprofit organization to provide prosthetics and resources to amputees. Jodi was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan and is a graduate of Central Michigan University. She has enjoyed a great career for the last 14 years at the Walt Disney Company.



I try to remember Thursday, April 8th. What did we have for dinner that night? Did I kiss Jacob before he went to sleep? Did God know what Friday would hold for our family? I try to remember what it was like to see Jacob run up the stairs on his own two feet, his sweet baby face smiling. I wonder what I thought were burdens before the events of April 9, 2004.

I went through the days before the accident over and over in my head, trying to piece together the memories of that week. Nothing, I just cannot remember. You see, you can’t go back. Life can change in a blink of an eye, that quickly. In a single moment of the unexplainable, the unbelievable, the unimaginable, everything can change.

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